Icicle Tricycle started with two guys who discovered they have a shared love of gelato. There was really no occasion that they couldn’t eat the stuff! They could eat gelato in the Antarctic at the bottom of the ocean during a thunderstorm. 


So one day one of those guys said to the other guy “If we love gelato this much, why don’t we make it?”  So they bought a small machine and started making gelato in the garage. And from those humble beginnings Icicle Tricycle has grown into the world-straddling household name that it is today.

…we now have a slightly bigger machine and work in the room
next to the garage…

Buy our gelato. You’ll love it.


We make our gelato out of fresh real ingredients - the kind you would find in your grandma’s pantry - nothing you couldn’t pronounce. We make it in small batches so you’re eating it when it’s at its best. And we make it how WE like to eat it!